From a short-term to a long-term study abroad!

Criz Foreign language school backs up our students with supporting them by giving out advice about a short-term and long-term oversea study, a family oversea study, an internship, a working holiday and an oversea trip.

We also have ‘oversea training course’ which is in charged by our instructor and ‘international school trip’ which is prepared and planned by us. Please contact us if you are interested in.

The participants of ‘oversea training course’ and ‘international school trip’ are limited only to the students of our school. These courses are our original events so no one can join but our students.

Special features of our support system for the oversea study!!

1、The studying plan is designed with our advisors.

  Your advisor suggests the list of the country and area which is appropriate for your language level, your goal, the budget and your schedule. We also help you order the handout and documentation of the school and research about the estimate of studying, social and economic condition of the country and so on. We are pleased to give any types of advice to get rid of your concerns.

It is also possible for you to make a choice about your place to study by yourself. In that case, also our advisor can support you with some episodes from their experience.

2、We support you for the application.

 We support you by teaching how to contact the school and how to apply for the student visa as an interpreter to avoid any mistakes coming from the language barrier. We also tell you how to get a passport and the travel insurance and how to stay abroad comfortably.

Our advisor can do some application work instead of you, if you need.

3、Final check is done with the advisor.

 We do final check with you such as what you should bring and how to take a connecting flight.

4、(OPTIONAL)We take you to the studying place.

 The staff can accompany you to the place you would stay. If needed, we can check together about the local transportation you will use to go to school. The guide will stay with you for 1〜3 days to provide you a safe start of your oversea life.

5、Oral translation service when you get in trouble.

Please contact us via call or skype when you meet any trouble.

Our supporting system is available for24 hours.

We also contact you on a regular basis and give an opportunity to talk about your anxiety and concerns about the oversea life.