The Voice of Students

Ms. /Mr. S. (Morioka)

Group lesson ( Twice a week) &Private lesson (Twice a month)

I enjoy Criz Foreign Language School. The most impressed system is satisfactory aftercare is available. They prepare a clue for you when you lose your way on the process of learning a language.

Also they make an effort for scheduling for each person’s life style, which is essential for the people who work on the day time and they arrange the time of lesson for you as much as possible.

The teachers are kind and gentle so that the person who is not good at English could enjoy English. Of course the person who likes English would get to like it more. It has passed one year after I came to this school, and not only English skill itself, but I have had many opportunities to learn oversea culture. Moreover, I encountered various people and I sometimes enjoy drinking with them.

Criz makes my life happier!




Ms. K. (Shizukuishu)

The mother of a child who takes weekly private lesson

My child can enjoy the lesson because every teacher is very happy to teach.The curriculum is designed well to adjust to the kids’ characters and interesting, as well as their age. The teachers are also willing to answer the parent’s questions. That is why I don’t worry about entrusting my kid to them at all.

In addition, this school is attractive for the people who are interesting to study abroad because there are many friendly staffs who have lots of experience of studying abroad and/or interpreting.
Above all, when I saw my children’s face saying ‘’ I love the teachers!’’, I thought I choose the best school.
It makes the kids love English, not only make them speak native English.




Mr. /Ms. M (Morioka)

Weekly group lesson and monthly conversation class

It passed seven month to come to this school.

I have stuck on studying by myself and decided to go to a language school.

When I had hard time to choose a school, I found the fryer of Criz seen before.

The reasons I chose Criz are that it is close to my home, the price is reasonable and the atmosphere looks good when I check the blog. I could enjoy every lecture because the teachers are very gentle and cheerful. In the beginning, I was not good at English, but they first taught me how the conversation in English is fun.

The teachers know about international life well so that they give us a lot of information which is not on the text. The response about many types of questions about English and foreign countries is very reliable.

Of course the interaction between students is fun, which is not available when I studied alone, and I could get the broader point of view and the relationship.