Beginner level
Intermediate level
Advanced level

*Traveling abroad

The lesson is supported by two teachers who are a native speaker and a Japanese teacher. Please let us know if you want to take a lesson with only one teacher, either a native speaker or Japanese teacher. Listening and speaking parts are taught by a native speaker and a Japanese teacher lectures grammar and reading parts. We provide a safe and delightful environment to motivate students to understand what English is. 




Length of Session 

Group lesson 

・45 minutes per session

Private lesson 

45 minutes per session Bilingual style support is available (one teacher from a foreign country and the other is Japanese)



Group lesson 

Scheduling may fluctuate for this month because of the graduation and entrance ceremonies of schools and spring break. Please call us about scheduling so you will not be confused. Thank you for your cooperation.Direct line 080−1663−5532)

Private lesson 

Please call us to make a reservation, and to discuss the most convenient day and class time for you. Lectures are available from 9 am to 10 pm during Monday to Sunday. You are able to organize your monthly schedule at your own pace.