Welcome to Criz Foreign Language School

Criz Foreign Language School. A place to belong!

◇ We are pleased to introduce “Living Foreign language (language from real life)” to people in Iwate prefecture and Tohoku area.

 In our school, you will be able to learn English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Russian, and also to customize a learning program to your desirable way.
You can design your learning style by choosing the contents and the number of lessons each month. Let’s learn “living foreign language” together with our teachers from various countries. Not only with the lecture style, you can also choose your teacher, native speaker or Japanese speaker, for all lectures. For beginners, a Japanese advisor translates the lectures into Japanese and supports your lesson for free!! 


As well as that, our students have opportunities to get familiar with the teachers and the other students by joining a club activity which is part of our original program. We have all kinds of clubs such as badminton, snow activities, cooking, tennis, music and so on.




Motomiya school:3-51-2 Motomiya,Morioka,Iwate,Japan



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