Sending the teacher to your favorable place

Kids and parents lesson (for the kids before entering nursery school)

English lesson during long vacation (Summer vacation)

English lesson for a childcare worker
English conversation class for parents

In order to prepare for English education required in elementary school, Criz Language school support the kids before entering elementary school by giving chances to touch English and world cultures. By doing that, kids don’t have to hesitate when they communicate with foreigners in English. The class is supported by the bilingual system; English teacher and Japanese teacher. We also have many events such as Christmas party. 

You can choose the lesson time. During lesson, the kids learn English words, while they dance and sing by using cards and CD. In the case of offers by nursery schools and kindergartens, we can also propose a curriculum by following the direction of the school.

The amount of words, the type of songs and the difficulty of the textbook are changeable.